What is isuna's garage ?

Isuna's garage is actually a recent contraption name for the fact that me (isunamitch) and my family have owned more than 20 Isuzu cars over the years. In recent years, with knowing more and more Isuzu owners around the globe, I (isunamitch) have been able to help many by selling them some used parts on a non-regular basis strictly on a personal basis.
Therefore, Isuna's garage is NOT an actual business but simply an enthusiast with a collection of cars, who try to maintain and restore them as well as providing help and used parts to those who own similar or same models of cars which consist of (not limited to) :

  • Isuzu Impulse
  • Isuzu Stylus
  • Geo Storm
  • Asüna Sunfire
  • Isuzu Gemini
  • Isuzu Piazza / Piazza Nero JT
  • Isuzu I-Mark, Chevrolet/Geo Spectrum & Pontiac Sunburst
  • Lotus Elan


The first Isuzu car owned by a member of the family was a 1990 Isuzu Impulse, bought by my brother in 1998. At about the same time, my youngster's passion for cars embraced the childhood dream of having such Isuzu cars. Consequently, I started a website around that same period to show pictures of the Isuzu cars and parts cars that accumulated in the family's yard.
In 2003, I bought my first car, a 1993 Asüna Sunfire, basically an Isuzu Impulse with the 1.8 4XF-1 from 1992.
The rest is history. I bought my second car, a 1992 Geo Storm GSi, in 2005 and fastforward a few years, the family collection of Isuzu cars evolved. Some cars have been bought, others fixed and sold, other have been parted out and crushed.

more to come!